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6 places to promote your business for free

Currently, the biggest problem faced by the businessmen, especially who are engaged in the small and medium scale business, is promoting their business to the public. Business promotion is a very essential part of expanding a business. Since the cost of promoting their businesses through printed and audiovisual media is very high, most of the small and medium scale businessmen are unable to afford the cost of promoting in printed and audiovisual media.

But with the technical development, there are many changes occurred for business entrepreneurs to advertise their business actives free of charge through social media. Since social media is the most popular way of communicating today, advertising through social media is a very fast and efficient way. By advertising through social media, businessmen will be able to find more customers for their goods and services by communicating with them, since people always search for different channels through the internet. Now online communication has become a characteristic of a business.

There are many online stages for you to promote your business without any charge. Below are is some of them.

Facebook business page

To promote your business on the Facebook business page, you are requested to generate your own Facebook page. It has many advantages as well. Today Facebook has become highly used social media in the US. You can promote your different kinds of businesses if you are undertaking more than one business, using your Facebook pages of other related businesses. It enhances the attentiveness of the people of your brand and also more easily people will select products or services you offer.

Link with a Facebook group as the page

Some groups who think compatible way join together through Facebook as a group to exchange their awareness of things. Facebook Pages are used by people for learning new things or convey opinions, as per other internet meetings.

Joining with the Facebook groups which relate to one’s production or service, will extremely helpful him to promote his business. The main advantage of joining Facebook pages is the groups who are on a particular Facebook page have jointly selected to contribute when the main point of conversation is the subject matter and therefore you will certainly promote your business to the people who really like it.

You have to peruse with the rules and conditions of the Facebook groups since some Facebook groups do not permit promoting or advertising personal things.

Stream from your page on Facebook Live

Although Facebook Live is a character created under Facebook, it is one of the best ways to promote businesses to current and pending clientele.  They only require you to select status editor on your Facebook page and to click the button which says “live”. A camera will open as soon as you click the button. Then you position yourself or the things you expect to promote. When you enter to live your Facebook page group, as well as your friends, well aware of it.

The most valuable chance you can get by Facebook live is you can share live videos like other Facebook posts. Hence if you can use live creatively and make convincing videos, your fans will oblige to share them paying more attention to your Facebook page.

Use Facebook Messenger Chatbots Connected to the Page

 You can effortlessly promote your business rapidly and efficiently on Facebook Messenger Chatbots. Therefore, promoting Facebook Messenger Chatbots is also one of the best ways of promoting your business. It enhances commitment among Facebook users as well as the people who are already not your Facebook friends or Facebook groups.

It is a part of the software that guides the user through a marketing or sales channel, with conversations. Not only that you will be able to use this software for functions such as amusement, functionality, and many others.

It connects you to users in a humanitarian way and helps you to advertise your products and services. The greatest benefits people get through Facebook Messenger Chatbot is, those who do not already fans of one’s Facebook page can access through click-to-messenger ads,   which are Facebook ads that direct a user to a messenger window with your chat-bot instead of your website.

You can use this software on your personal website, on your business website, your word press site, or to advertise on your Instagram business account.

 Create Facebook Events as the Page

Since Facebook events are formed through a particular Facebook page, they are very good for promoting your business. You can use your Facebook page to generate a Facebook event for webinars, business events, and more.

Advertising your Facebook events on groups is permitted and shared in public. Hosting a marketing Webinar by your company will give you a great chance to promote your business to create a Facebook event for the Webinar and share it with marketing groups.

Get on Pinterest

Pinterest is also a social stage to promote especially aesthetic things like fashion, interior decorating, photography, illustrators, health and fitness, art and craft, etc. as well as educational materials through which educate you how to make use the stage in the greatest way and to market and promote your business.

You can select Pinterest categories that are most popular and decide how you use them to promote your business. Then you will be able to promote the contents of your business page.

Using Feature analytics on Pinterest accounts for businesses, you will be able to observe and measure what works and what doesn’t work.

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