start garden and make money

How to start a garden and make money?

Gardening is one of the interesting pleasure time activities in the world. Spending time in your garden and seeing your plants grow up, bring immense happiness for gardeners without doubt.  Not only the blossoms beautify your home garden, it can also help you with earning some money.  If you too are a garden lover and wish to have your own garden and earn some money, we give you some basic tips as how to own a beautiful garden.

 Selecting your favorite garden type

Figuring out what type of a garden you want, depends on your favor. You have couple of gardening choices. Such as planting vegetables, herbs fruits or flowers. In this case, you can check with the neighboring gardeners who have quite experience in this field to find out the most productive type in your area. And also remember to choose what comes fruitful in selling. The other thing to ponder about gardening is that, each of this garden differ in treatments and requirements. If you want to grow floral, you need to have a knowledge of the blossom time period, replanting time. So, in that case, researching before starting the gardening is important. If you wish for edible harvest, planting vegetables or fruits is indeed suitable. Depending the type of your garden, be attentive to check your plant. For instance, if your garden is small, growing pumpkin is not quite sensible. As well as, when you plant vegetables, check with the temperature in your area to select the most appropriate vegetable to grow. Same tips go with fruit plantations. More importantly, having enough space is significant in home gardening. 16*10 feet of gardening space would be appropriate for garden beginners. You can also take the help of the smart technology to draw your garden plan in your computer. As for a garden beginner, starting small is good. Follow the correct guidance and reap healthy and fresh vegetables and fruits from your own garden and bring the market too.

 Find location

Choosing the best ground for your garden deserves your shrewd attention. Remember to pick a sunlit location to plant vegetables and fruits. Mostly fruits and vegetables require 5-6 hours direct sunlight. Root vegetables and herbs on the other hand, need bit of shade. As well as, when you find a location for gardening, avoid high wind places. It will be also easy if your garden is close to a water source, so that you do not have to worry about dragging water. If you have very little awareness of choosing a spot gardening, inquire of your friends or neighbors who have quite knowledge in gardening.

Arrange a suitable ground

After finding a suitable location, you need to arrange the ground accurately. Get a soil test done if you have no awareness of the nature of your garden soil. If you wish to have quick results, dig the ground and it also prevent weeds invading your garden. Unless you can smother the ground with compost. In this process, the soil should be enriched with organic portions. That will also help to grow fast. The compost roughly should be consisted of decayed leaves, old manure and in Southern Asia, gardeners use cow dump.  Not to forget, arrange the necessary remedies to get rid of pests. A range of marigolds may help in this case. Depending the nature of the soil, decide the type and the size of the beds, a raised bed can easily dry up while sunken beds can keep moisture longer. Usually a bed in a home garden is 10 feet long. Increasing the growth of the plants make sure to do your bed plantations in rows or grids. Before replanting, keep in mind to turn the soil to get the best out of it.


Arrange your garden tool kit and now it is time to plant. You need to have the basic gardening tools, shovel, hand tools, and garden hoe. Make sure to clean them after your garden times and keep them sharp. It will save your time and energy. As for garden beginners, transplants can be used to start your garden. And also when you choose transplants or seeds, make sure they are not harmed by insects. When gardening, remember to follow the printed guidance in the seed packets and transplant containers, so that it will ease your work. Water you plants at correct times and in correct quantity.


Using chemical fertilizers regularly will end up ruining the fertility of your home garden. Therefore, use the organic matters to your garden as possible. It will also help to have fresh as well as healthy vegetables and fruits from your garden. Fresh and organic crops have quite requirement in the current market. In this matter, mulching will make your garden more elegant and your plants safe. Mulch is a layer spread on the soil. It protects your plants from weeds, keep the moisture and enhances the garden soil. There are types of mulching. For example, bark, compost, leaves and straw. Depending the type of your garden, you can select the appropriate type. Bark mulches are mostly used around the trees, garden beds and shrubs. Straw can be used as organic manure if you plant vegetables. Newspaper mulch also has become very famous among the gardeners. Do not remove stones and gravel from your garden, instead use them as a mulch for the plants that need drainage and extra heat. Being used to this kind of organic fertilizers will prevent you from extra cost for gardening.

Nurturing the plants

You need to continue your gardening eagerness till you reap the crop. You need to have a proper check of your garden every day and keep a graph or note of them. Then you can have a realization of the successes, failures and the shortcomings of your home garden. Your garden notes may help to increase your gardening experiences and will be helpful to those who are interested in home gardening. Treat you plants with good care as they grow. Water on them on time. Use fertilizers and get rid of the weeds. With vegetables plants like tomatoes, you need to provide the support the plants. Finally be clear about the harvesting time of each plant in your garden.


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