How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online in 2020

The popularity of the internet and internet-based services shows a significant growth compared to the past. Blog or website can make money through the ads. The availability of internet facilities, accessible devices, and computer literacy are the main reasons. People are bound firmly to the internet and the internet of things. Furthermore, there are multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs as the internet expands. Freelancing and other online earning methods play a significant role in modern entrepreneurship. Blogging, online selling, and youtube content creation are easy money-making methods nowadays. Also, there are multiple sources to gain knowledge about them. So let’s focus on blogging and discuss in detail.

What is blogging

In layman’s terms, blogging is creating articles and posting them on a blog or a site. A blog post contains articles and pictures. There’s the freedom to select topics depending on your choice. Also, there are both paid and free blogging platforms to support posting articles. Indeed, users can publish in different languages. The users are opting to select what to post and make the blog more interesting.

How to start a blog?

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Step 1- choose a blog platform

Selecting a blog platform is an essential step, as it does a great job of maintaining. Also, the whole blog depends on the platform you choose. User-friendly interfaces, beginner-friendly guides, and easy customization are essential when selecting a platform. There are both free and paid platforms depending on user needs. They are,

  • WordPressWordPress is the main blogging and website making tool right now.

Very popular among bloggers as it doesn’t require coding or web development knowledge. Also easily customizable and user-friendly. Some multiple themes and templates help to optimize the site. Even the plugins support SEO and other features. WordPress sites can make money like the blog.

  • Wix

A great option as WordPress. Beginner friendly and easy to customize the site. It provides multiple templates and themes to make the site more attractive. It also helps to assure the safety of the site. Significantly let the users create a website for free. It also has provided premium plans that contain more features.

  • Blogspot

An ideal option for beginners as it’s almost free. Also, the processes are beginner-friendly. But the main drawback is the interface. It’s not user-friendly and eye-catching compared to other platforms. blog sites can make good amount of money income, every month.

  • Ghost

A popular service that promotes blogging. It’s an open-source platform that allows publishing. It’s an ideal option for both beginners and experienced bloggers.

Step2 – choose web hosting service

Selecting a web hosting service is essential for the strength and performance of the website. A proper web hosting service assures the safety of the sites while reducing the loading speed. Also, have positive impacts on ranking and search engine optimization. There are multiple hosting services users can select from. But it’s ideal to avoid free hosting services as they don’t assure safety and performance. Indeed, quality hosting services indirectly affect loading speed. So it’s a great deal to attract traffic and also load pages faster.

Namecheap, Hostgator, Godaddy, and Bluehost are some top hosting service providers. They provide different services unique to them. SO pay attention to free services and value-added services like SSL protection and storage when you purchase a service.

Step3 – choose a domain

 Choosing a domain is an important stage in setting up a website. It should be unique as to make the website more significant. Certainly, there are multiple domain suffixes. Such as .com, .net , .org , .xyz and .io . selecting .com , .net and .org suffixes are ideal for SEO over other prefixes. The reason is visitors trust .com, .net, and .org prefixes as safe. So be wise to select such prefixes when you set up a site. Also a related name

Step 4 – set up a blog

First, select the platform to set up the blog. Select the domain name and hosting service before setting up the website. Then use the domain name and host the website using the hosting service. Then the remaining part is left for customization and search engine optimization. Selecting themes and making the website user-friendly is also apart of setting up the blog.

There are plenty of themes and templates to customize websites. So select the best themes relevant to the niche and the website content.

Step 5 – optimize the blog

Optimizing is the most significant part of setting up a website. Search engine optimization is the method of attracting traffic to the site. So the articles should be relevant to the keywords. Plugins like Yoast for WordPress help to optimize the website and increase the traffic. Indeed, providing active backlinks and images with alt texts also will help to rank in search results.

Knowledge of optimization may be very low as a beginner. But never give up. There are plenty of tutorials on sites like udemy and youtube — also, the optimization processes for up to six months. Therefore patience and consistency are the significant factors to achieve success in website optimization.

How to make money with your blog?

Displaying Adsense approved advertisements will help to earn good revenue. It depends on the click-through rate and website traffic. High competition niches are well paid compared to low competition niches.

  • Affiliate marketing

Sharing links makes you money as the viewers purchase a good using your link. Yes, you get a reasonable commission for the goods customers buy. You can provide reviews and recommendations to persuade customers to buy a particular good.

  • Sell sponsored blog posts

It’s also an excellent method to earn money. Selling sponsored blog posts will help to make a respective income. Also, it’s a great chance to use the ranking and popularity of the website to get a profit.

  • Private ads

You can post articles, pictures, or videos to promote an advertisement. It depends on your creativity. Efficiently conveying the message will make the process more useful and attractive. Private ads may give a higher income compared to other advertisement types. So it depends on the trust people keep on your website.

  • Sell digital products

Digital products such as ebooks relevant to the website and niche will be a great deal to make some bucks. Handling and selling ebooks is easy compared to standard goods. Therefore tendency to purchase digital products is high.

  • Sell memberships

Selling memberships may set a regular monthly income as the members subscribe. Also, the subscription fee depends and varies depending on the website content and niches. So you must give something useful and attractive to the audience. Thus the audience will result from purchasing members.

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