How to start a dropshipping business online in 2020

Online shopping and online stores show significant popularity nowadays. Indeed, there are many benefits compared to regular, traditional shopping. People get the chance to see the features, compare the prices, and receive the good to the doorstep. Most commonly, amazon, e bay, and Aliexpress are the trendsetters in online shopping. start now, and earn from online dropshipping. this will be your very first own business.

Sites like Shopify energise entrepreneurs by creating a market place. Dropshipping is also a selling method that makes the drop shipper both a seller and a customer. Yes, the drop shipper doesn’t have to handle the shipping process as the seller handles it. No idea about dropshipping?. Don’t worry. Let’s discuss drop shipping in detail. If you don’t like to dropship, click here.

What’s dropshipping?

online dropshipping business

Dropshipping is a selling process that lets you act as an intermediate between the seller and the customer. Indeed, you become a customer for the seller while becoming a seller for the customer. You can display a specific product someone sells. Furthermore, the drop shipper keeps a profit when listing the item. So its how you get the profit. Indeed you purchase it from the original seller as a customer buys it from you. You enter the customer details and buy it as you are the customer. So you can make a fair profit without handling the shipping process. start now, online dropshipping is a good, profitable and legal business.

Shopify dropshipping

Shopify is an online selling platform that promotes both direct selling and drop shipping. It gives you the total power to list the items and manage the orders. Indeed you can use social media to attract the crowd to your store. Furthermore, you can select different payment options unless like e bay. The most significant feature in Shopify is freedom. We have to agree to tons of rules and regulations on E bay. But a Shopify store highlights your liberty and fulfil the needs.

The same process happens here too. A customer visits your store and purchases a particular good. Then you buy it from the original seller and submit your customer’s details to him. So he fulfils the requirements and ships the parcel. So you can provide the tracking details to the customer assuring the security of the package. Shopify fee is high compared to e bay. So it’s a bit expensive for a beginner compared to e bay.

eBay dropshipping

E bay drop shipping is ideal for both beginners and experienced sellers. Unquestionably the fee is less compared to Shopify. But the thing is e bay doesn’t support drop shipping. It’s advised to buy a lot and store goods at a fulfilment centre. Indeed they have to be very careful with shipping and handling goods. You can list ten items as a beginner seller. The amount increases as your seller ratings rise. Also, positive customer feedbacks are essential for reputation and trust.

Indeed, we have to careful when providing shipping details. Thus it’s a great way to gain positive feedbacks while securing the goods. Furthermore, it’s essential to reduce delivery time. E bay strictly acts on delays and late shipping. So select sellers who provide a quality service as it affects your selling. Also, beware of fake items and branded items when you list them.

How to find suppliers?

supplies for an online dropshipping business

There are plenty of opportunities to find suppliers. You can negotiate with them and get great deals for their goods — also, its an ideal way to handle shipping and other processes. Even the sellers let you know the issues or delays take place during shipping. So you can manage the condition with your customer preventing negative feedbacks and assuring the trust. Also, you get the chance to use the images and descriptions with the concern of the seller. So they won’t worry if you use their pictures and descriptions. also, online dropshipping is the best business for beginners, start now.

This relationship is beneficial to both you and the seller. So it’s your responsibility to select a suitable seller that allows and supports your business. The best way to find the sellers is direct messaging to sellers on websites like aliexpress. Most of them are ready to help you by fulfilling your needs. Also, you can get great discounts as the lot you purchase increases. The Doba, bigbuy, dropshipkids are some websites that let you find wholesale and retail sellers.

The is a market place that connects drop shippers and suppliers. Yes, there are many categories to select. Indeed you can find the best deals by comparing. Also, the websites assure the security of customers by providing genuine suppliers. The main drawback is customers have to pay a fee to register to the site. It’s not an ideal option for beginners. But it’s beneficial if you can pay the fee and join the site. Also, bigbuy is the best place to find suppliers. Indeed, customers don’t need to pay a fee as the sellers pay for the membership. start any kind of online dropshipping business in 2020 and get grate profit in 2020.

How to start a dropshipping business in 2020

eBay logo – this is the best site to do drop shipping

Do market research or market analysis

Identification of best selling items is essential to gain a significant profit. eBay and also google trends may help you to find trendy items. The explore feature in e bay let you find items with several search settings. Also, it’s an ideal decision to select items depending on seasons and festivals.

choose a suitable selling platform

Shopify is ideal or experienced sellers while eBay is suitable for everyone. Fees in Shopify are expensive compared to eBay. Indeed, the main drawback in eBay is it doesn’t provide you with the freedom to sell. Several rules and regulations limit you. Therefore Shopify is the best place if you need the total power

How to find a seller?

You can find both retail and wholesale suppliers according to your needs. Pay attention to the shipping time, order handling and quality of the products. Certainly shipping time and quality of the products are the main factors that help you to get positive seller ratings. So negotiate and discuss with sellers before you get their service. starting a dropshipping is a great online business.

Select different payment methods.

Flexible payment methods let you attract customers while providing security. eBay let the customers pay using Paypal, credit and debit cards. Also, Shopify has above-mentioned payment methods. So providing a trustworthy and secure online payment method is significant in building a strong and attractive online store. start an online dropshipping business now.

Things to pay attention

E bay doesn’t allow to sell branded items. So you have the risk of getting suspended. Indeed don’t directly copy images from sites like Aliexpress when you provide images. Having watermarks isn’t a great deal as it negatively affects your selling ratings. Also, e bay might suspend you considering you as a drop shipper. So it’s essential to pay attention n to such simple things to avoid suspends. Paypal is the transaction method to transfer your income from e bay. To update the shipping methods to both e bay and PayPal to prevent account limitations and account suspends.

Furthermore, don’t select sellers who don’t fulfil shipping needs fast. Try your best to handle the shipping within a few business days. Certainly, avoid order cancellations to the unavailability of stock. Mark the items as unavailable to prevent cancellations. Also, remember to use an e bay fee calculator before you set the price. It will help you to set the cost while getting the required profit.

  • Identify the trends and seasons to select the best items to sell.
  • Find sellers with good positive feedbacks.
  • Remember to update the customer shipping details.
  • Avoid fake and branded items.
  • Introduce different payment methods


  • Do market research to find the best selling goods on current. Certainly, eBay provides several tools to explore the best selling items and trends.
  • Find the best suppliers from Doba, bigbuy or Alibaba. Both wholesale and retail sellers are there to help you.
  • Indeed it’s easy to find sellers easily using Aliexpress as beginners.
  • Update tracking details to both e bay and Paypal to avoid suspends.
  • Handle and ship goods within 2 to 3 days to earn positive seller ratings.
  • Keep the stock up to date to prevent order cancellations.





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