How to Start Freelancing: A Beginner’s Guide

Freelancing is very popular among youth and adults nowadays. Certainly, freelancing has many benefits over regular jobs. You don’t have to work from 9 to 5 at an office. You are the boss and have the chance to work as you wish. Also, you get a reasonable payment for the work you do. No one to control and give you orders. So isn’t it a good idea?. There are multiple platforms such as Fiverr, freelancer, and Upwork. So they possess different features and benefits compared to each other. Fiverr is a popular freelancing site nowadays. It provides its service to both workers and hirers around the world. So let’s dive into Fiverr and discuss more it.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a freelancing service

Fiver is a company that provides online services. it is a freelancing service. It’s an Israel based company that established in 2010.there are over 800,000+ sellers in Fiverr, and also there are over 5 million buyers. So the statistics display the massiveness and the popularity of Fiverr. Being top-rated sellers attract buyers and make you get a good income.

Indeed the competition in Fiverr leads to develop skills of sellers and also helps the buyers hire the right people. Furthermore, its customer and seller support are very engaging. They are ready to help both buyers and sellers. So it’s a great marketplace to sell your skills. So let’s discuss how it works.

How does it work?

Creating a gig, delivering, and getting paid are the main steps in a nutshell as a seller. Fiverr lets you sell multiple skills such as app development, web designing and development, article writing, graphic designing, logo designing, and video editing. Therefore it’s a great chance to showcase your skills and fulfil the buyer needs. So let’s discuss it in detail.

Create a gig

Fiverr let sellers create up to 7 gigs. They may not be relevant and differ from each other. But it doesn’t affect your seller ratings. Having multiple gigs will be beneficial to attract buyers. Firstly you have to create a title and select the relevant subcategories. You should choose suitable tags and optimize them to attract traffic.

Conduct Fiverr tag research to optimize search results. Also, create the gigs considering your skills and guaranteeing the quality of your work. Then price the gigs depending on the service. You are almost done. Then publish the gig and wait for an order. Sending buyer requests is a great way to display your gigs. And also help you to get orders soon. Remember to create a competitive description and tags to get search results beneficial to you.

Deliver great

You get a deadline once you receive an order. You have to complete the order satisfying buyer requirements and under the time frame. Indeed, providing your work correctly is the way to prove the content in the description. Practice and skills will deliver a quality product to the buyer. So it’s the key to success.

Work hard to give your maximum efforts to deliver the project on the due date. A positive impression will let the buyer give positive ratings and also a tip. So work hard to give out a quality product.

Get paidGet paid after you have done. payment is sure in the Fiverr

It’s the most exciting part, isn’t it?. Yes, you get the promised amount as you complete the project. And also, the buyer might give you a tip too. But there is another side too. The buyer opts to get a refund if the seller doesn’t satisfy the buyer. Therefore it will affect the seller ratings adversely and demote your seller levels.

There are several ways to withdraw money from Fiverr. They are PayPal, bank transfers, and Payoneer. Using Payoneer is a popular selection. The minimal withdrawal fee is $5 in Fiverr. Select the best payment method suits you and fulfil your needs.

How to start?

get some value for your skill

Practice a skill

It’s the leading and initial step of beginning freelancing. Practice and self-studying lead to success. Spending some time for learning and updating will be a great deal to give value to your gigs.

Work hard to become an expert

Practice makes perfect. Therefore being an expert will be beneficial to shine among the other freelancers. So learn and conduct researches to update your knowledge and be an expert.

Increase the quality of work

Don’t let working under a time frame reduce your work quality. Give a maximum try to maintain high quality when you submit your work. So increasing variety will rise seller ratings and affect positively on the gigs.


Faq about freelancing

What can I sell?

You can sell different skills, such as graphic designing, logo designing, web development, web designing, and app development. There are new skills that require sellers and also have a high demand. So the chance to sell skills is very high in Fiverr.

Selling and attracting buyers is up to sellers. They must both customize and optimize the gigs to reach the buyers. Being updated and knowledgeable is the best way to achieve success in Fiverr.

How much money can I make?

It varies from the number of orders you get and the price you set for an order. You won’t earn a    single penny if you don’t get an order. And also, you may get a $500 + income per month, depending on your orders. So it’s up to you. You can work hard to achieve the target and get a reasonable monthly income. freelancing is a great service to get high income.

How much time will I need to invest

Fiverr gives you the total control to work as a freelancer. It’s up to you to decide. It may vary from 1 hour to 12 hours. No one to force and pressure you. So you can complete the orders according to your free time by managing other daily activities. You can work as a full-time freelancer or a part-time freelancer while doing a job.

How do I price my service

It depends on your skills, experience. There is a range of prices for a relevant gig. So the price should be fair and competitive. Therefore you it doesn’t cause any trouble to you or other sellers. Get a prior idea referring to other gigs. So decide both fair and competitive prices attract buyers.

How do I get paid?  

You get paid once you submit the orders. Satisfying the buyer’s needs will keep you away from negative ratings and refunds. Also, You may get a tip for your orders. Therefore your payments depend on the quantity and price. So the income may vary from month to month

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